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Kelsey Blair Eidson, LPC Associate, NCC (she/her)

Supervised by Kalila Homann, LPC-S, BC-DMT

Kelsey is an embodied and relational therapist in Austin, TX. She is the owner of Embodied Willow, PLLC, a practice inspired by the inherent wisdom of the body and rich healing symbolism of the willow tree. 

Dancing in the space between art, science, and soul, she skillfully weaves somatic and movement therapies into her work with individuals and groups. 

In addition to a MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, she has advanced specialized training in Dance/Movement Therapy (D/MT). This speciality has imbued her with insights from somatic psychology, current neuroscience research, creative arts approaches, and expressive therapies. 

With heart-full acknowledgment of the ancient and indigenous ways dance and movement have always been healing, Kelsey draws from these intelligences to harness creativity in the healing process through the sophisticated framework D/MT offers. 

Read on below about how Kelsey describes her collaboration with clients, colleagues, and other organizations.

Individual Therapy

I heartfully acknowledge our mind, body, and brain as an integrated whole within a social and cultural context. My approach is trauma-informed with an embodied and relational lens that aims to offer holistic and long-term healing. 

How I incorporate somatic and movement approaches is unique for each client. This can look like anything from being in stillness to expressive movement, and everything in between. It's really about developing a relationship to the body that allows more grace as we ebb and flow through life. 

Whether we are navigating the depths of your inner world or the complexity of relationships, we will co-create a restorative space that offers a sense of warmth, openness, and curiosity towards all that emerges. Together we will discover your internal resources supporting healing, growth, and transformation.

Professional Collaboration

Sharing about D/MT with other mental heath professionals and graduate students has been an fulfilling part of my practice.

In addition to presenting at universities, conferences, and mental health agencies, I frequently facilitate groups and workshops for therapists that focus on embodied self-care. 

My offerings are highly experiential and facilitate learning through engaging with the direct experience of participants. Every offering is truly co-created, curated to the interests and curiosities of the group.

I also enjoy opportunities to ally with other therapists seeking to collaborate on client care. Forming an partnership or "treatment team" with a somatically-focused therapist can be beneficial when clients need more than traditional talk therapy. 

Groups & Workshops

Creating spaces for others to engage with their own curiosities and experience their bodies as a resource for healing, inspiration, and growth is a delight. 

Exploring and discovering these wonders in the context of a group adds an extra layer of possibility. Through group movement explorations and discussions, we can get interested in the processes happening within oneself and between others. 

I often lead D/MT groups for other therapists that support self-care, emotional processing, and therapeutic presence. 

I have also enjoyed working with dancers and other performing ensembles. In particular, using my D/MT approach with high school groups to support the mental and emotional well-being of teens and provide them a space for self-expression. 

Let's connect.

Email: kelsey@embodiedwillow.com

Phone: 512-886-1114

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